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Rosie Scribble

Completely agree. I usually enjoy Silent Witness but I'm not sure what the scriptwriters were doing with this one. Very poor and extremely unhelpful.


Thanks for your comment Rosie. The scriptwriters seemed to touch on a whole range of issues they could have explored really effectively (e.g. burnout/stress in health professionals)and then bodge those, and make a real hash of what they did expand on! It will be interesting to see how Nicky's character is portrayed tonight i.e. will she still be 'depressed' or will she have miraculously recovered?!

alfredo zotti

I am both someone who suffers with a mental illness and an advocate for mental health.

We must not forget the fact that anti depressants can trigger violent behavior in young people. IN fact I tend to think that most violent acts are often fueled by drugs and alcohol.

Anti psychotic medication and anti depressants can trigger violence in perfectly peaceful and non violent people. This does not mean that we should not take medication when needed but that we have to be aware of this fact and people who take such medication should be monitored.

For many people there are alternatives to medication and I am one of these people who does not take medication. I control my symptoms with mindfulness and natural remedies including good nutrition, adequate sleep and exercise.

The writers of the show have pointed to a truth. For some people medication can lead to violent behavior. Naturally, not all people will become violent after taking medication but some will. It is a fact.

alfredo zotti

OF course this does not mean that all people who take SSRI will develop violent behavior. The majority will probably not. But there is a risk well documented by research.

For depression it is always better to try natural method first or alternatives. Medication is not always the right intervention particularly given that for depression medication is not as effective as previously thought. There is research on placebo and medication. The result is that there is not much difference between placebo and medication in the treatment of depression.


Many thanks for taking the time to make these comments Alfredo. I fully accept that SSRI's do carry a number of risks and that there is a link to violent behaviour in a minority of people. My issue with the programme was the sensationalist, and unbalanced way the subject was tackled as I felt it was so misleading. I am not an advocoate of medication across the board, and agree with you that natural methods are best for those who respond well to them. However, for those people who do not find natural methods are enough for them, or want to combine them with medication, I feel storylines like these can cause unecessary distress. As with any medication its so important that people are aware of the risks as well as the benefits and are making an informed decision and, as you say, they are monitored properly. Thanks again for your comments.

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